Having honed her skills in the language of Jazz with artist and professor Diane Richardson at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, acclaimed Boston-based jazz vocalist Keiko Ito proves herself to be a new shining light on the Jazz and Bossa Nova scene. Her versatility really shows in not only being able to sing in Japanese, but also in Portuguese, French and English. Keiko stays true to herself in that although she sings in many different languages, her sound is consistently warm and inviting.

There is so much life in music to be lived, Said Keiko, who is also a lyricist who creates the lyrics to all of her own original songs. With so much passion and innovation going into the creation of her music, her captive audiences have found her unique style of words to be sophisticated, yet alluring.

Inspiration comes from various artists such as: Anita O’day, Dianne Reeves, Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Jane Monheit, Tierney Sutton, Karrin Allyson, Al Jarreau, Ana Caram, Elis Regina, Antonio Carlos Jobim, Miles Davis, and Bill Evans.

Keiko had recently finished up a new project with fellow recording artist Lillian, which will be their first vocal-piano duo album called Tenderly in 2008. Her previous album, The Trio featured Goro Inaoka as a guitarist in 2007.

In addition to her numerous projects and performances, Keiko also finds the time in her busy schedule to provide instruction in piano and voice to people of all ages and backgrounds who wish to immerse themselves in the world of music.

While focusing on her success as a career musician, Keiko also has a flourishing modeling career. Appearing in several fashion magazines and television advertisements, Keiko has shown that she certainly has the knowledge and know-how to become a thriving force in the industry.

Since 2008, she began to tour Japan Tokyo area in Hilton Tokyo, Ginza Sygnus, Shinjuku J, Jazz Bird Omotesando, Kamakura Daphne, Shinjuku Perl Bar, Shinjuku Jazz Bar Dance,Live Jazz Lounge Tribeca Shinagawa, Harajuku La Donna and so on. She won the prize of Shinjuku J New Voice project. Since 2010, she belongs to musical management agency, Murakami Music Agency mostly playing at the hotels for weddings. General manager,Vocal and gospel instructor for AtoNO Records in Tokyo. Yet, she is the instructor of voice and lead many students accepted for Berklee College of Music since 2008.

Jazz Vocal Instructor for Chofu Culture Center in 2011.
A teacher of Music Together since 2014.
A Member of Society for Music Perception and Cognition since 2011.
A Member of Society for Japanese Music Perception and Cognition since 2011.

-Robert Sutton
“It’s fitting that the coffeehouse jazz of Keiko Ito is lighter than air”

-All About Jazz

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ライブハウス新宿J開催の New Voice オーディションに合格。

主にヒルトン東京、銀座Barbra、銀座シグナス、Jazz Bird
表参道、鎌倉ダフネ、新宿パールバー、新宿ジャズバーダンス、品川Live Jazz Lounge
Tribeca、日本橋「根」、大宮Acoustic Jam House、Cafe Printemps
東松山、三鷹ウマナス、池袋Bourbon Bar Limestonewaterなどで活動。

大宮Acoustic Jam Houseでは、ジャムセッションのホストを務める。




調布カルチャーセンターにて新講座ジャズボーカルクラス、個人ボーカルレッスンの講師を担当。Orihotone Music


日本こども教育センター認定 キッズポピュラー・ジャズ講師

Music Together公認講師 2015年より米国で研修、講師



-Robert Sutton


-All About Jazz


American Federation of Musician

米国Society for Music Perception and Cognition